Ring in the New Year With Tip #9 From a Cat Expert – size matters, bigger is better!

Roomy Jumbo Litter Boxes Needed

Did you know that every kitty has a little different posture in a litter box? Some cats prefer to have their front paws on the edge and rear down and some kitties get creative in a small box and straddle the box with their front paws outside. Oppositely, some bottoms just go right to the edge and the urine can splash over the side!

To accommodate all sizes of cats and their comfort keep an eye out for large roomy litter boxes. What I see in common with cats that inappropriately eliminate in a home is that the box is too small and not scooped regularly. So, why not search for a roomy new kitty box this year? But, don’t forget to scoop!

Don’t have a place for a large box you say? Consider angling a piece of furniture in a corner and hiding the litterbox behind, under a side table, or purchase a pretty room divider and hide the visually ghastly thing.