Ring in the New Year With Tip #6 From a Cat Expert – keep the litter box so fresh and so clean

Litterbox Etiquette – Ideas to Help You Keep a Clean Litter Box

No person would want to use a bathroom where the plumbing was backed up! I could describe it in cinematic detail, but I believe you readers get the picture.
If a box is deemed to be disgusting by a fastidious feline some cats will potty elsewhere and it can be very difficult to stop them once it begins. To help avoid inappropriate elimination, never change litter brands abruptly and always keep the litter box clean. Here’s how…

There are both, “Yeahs And Ney’s” on a product called “LitterMaid”; a self-cleaning litter box available at stores everywhere. However, it isn’t the product of choice for those that have a cat with soft stools I’m told by those that gifted LitterMaid’s to Community Animal Network.

For those in need of an extra set of hands with the unpleasantries of the litterbox, help is just a click away with Nextdoor. It’s a great way to connect with those in your neighborhood who are looking for odd jobs. The site was founded in 2011 and promotes itself as a free private social network. You can connect with the neighbors in your immediate area, register in your community, and post an ad.