Gulliver is a long hair sable cat who was one of the lucky ones pulled from the shelter’s undiscerning death row. Gulliver has qualities of a Main Coon; a large size, tuffs of hair in the ears and between the toes and a friendly personality. He was named after Gulliver’s Travels, kneads his paws at the sound of a soft voice and is very affectionate. For anyone liking that Main Coon size, we will have four “super size” cats this weekend for adoption and for those who fancy Siamese we will have two.

You can help bring lost animals home by supporting the microchip identification system and having your dog or cat implanted and then registered in the national database. Gulliver is now protected by the tiny chip which will alert his new pet parents and the rescue organization if he was ever to need help again. Watch for information about our “Community Microchip Implant Event” that is coming soon.

In order to save more lives please consider getting your lonely cat a friend! Do not get a kitten; adopt adult cats of similar age and energy levels. We have a thirty minute “Pet Parenting Class” in which we addresses how to introduce adult cats.